Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mush! Mush! Mush!

Live from the Dog Mushing capital of the world, this blog is perhaps a bit overdue. You the fans and followers would probably love to hear about the Yukon Nation in its entirety. In fact, I may go on a video shooting spree during practice this morning just so you can bits and pieces of the Wild White Yonder.

Alaska is certainly nothing like I imagined it, then again, according to our bus driver Carla, Alaska is in a late transition from fall to winter at the moment. Traditionally, spring and fall are seasons that last no more than two weeks and then it gets down right cold in the winter and what Ohioans would call "comfortable 80s" in the summer. Right now, we are seeing highs anywhere between 25 and 32 degrees and the snow is beginning to fall more heavily now than when we first arrived. We still have not seen anymore than 3-4 inches of accumulation in a given day, but by the time we leave Fairbanks on Saturday night they will be expecting a fairly large snow storm totalling between 8 and 12 inches of snow by Monday night.

** side note: the Alaskans we talk to here say that the weather SHOULD be about 10 degree highs and maybe upwards to a foot of snow.

The ride over "the other pond" to Alaska was certainly a bit taxing on the body considering that you gain four hours in time difference. Maybe the boys and those who can actually sleep on planes and buses didn't feel so exhausted, but I certainly did. The countryside that you get to see flying over the mid-west and into Seattle is stunning. Talking to our trainer, Dan Fischer, Seattle has the best of both worlds -- beaches to the west that you can surf and then you can take your snow board up to the mountains on the SAME DAY and do some snow boarding or skiing! That and the fact that in a 5-minute span I counted nearly 13 baseball fields that we flew over, and I love my baseball so that excited me. But the scenery on the way over has been tremendous.

I'll leave some of the game analysis from last night's 4-1 loss to the analysts, bloggers, reporters and message boarders but know this ... there is no doubt and 100% certainty that BGSU will come out with a fire lit under its butt tonight and play much better than last night's game. You most like saw/heard the frustration in head coach Chris Bergeron's voice in his post game interview last night and the tone was much the same at the team's post game meal. The Falcons WILL come out more intense tonight. Expect a far better game.

While I have your attention, check out the introduction combination that Alaska comes out onto the ice to. Add this video:

and then this video:

and you have a pretty epic intro.

More videos to come later ... ROLL ALONG!

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