Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eric Nichols Fan Club Meeting

The BGSU men's soccer team defeated Indianapolis, 1-0 in overtime, in the team's final scrimmage this afternoon (Sat., Aug. 28). From my perspective, the Falcons look to be an improved team, with a lot of talented youngsters and some very good leadership from the upperclassmen, and they are going to be fun to watch in 2010.

I just posted a recap at, but wanted to put this video here on the blog. I'm not ashamed to say that Falcon men's soccer coach Eric Nichols is a good-looking guy, and events like this probably happen to him all the time. But, as someone who has never been good-looking, and has NEVER had this happen to him, the video below seemed quite blog-worthy to me. Take 28 seconds to watch it, and see if you agree ...

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