Friday, September 3, 2010

Heading To Alabama

Posted at 4:51 pm Friday -- Well the plane landed in Alabama and the team headed to Troy for walk through. Those of us who didn't need to go to practice went back to the hotel (mainly those on bus 3 with busses 1 and 2 being player/coach busses). Those of us in athletic communications went to Jim 'N Nick's BBQ for some good southern food. For myself, I spent the plane ride re-reading through Troy's game notes. A few things that I found noteworthy:

*Troy has won 23 consecutive home openers dating back to 1986 (when I was in 6th grade).
*Troy has never won a game over a MAC team (0-3 all-time).
*What does Oklahoma, USC, Ohio State, Florida and Troy have in common? Since 2001, they have been the five toughest teams to beat on their home field.
*Here's a cool little note -- Troy's Tyler Clark will wear #54 Saturday (normally he wears #58) to honor his best friend and former high school teammate Cody Dean, who was killed in a construction accident this summer.

Posted at 1:27 pm Friday -- Video from Todd Walker and John Gibson on the bus headed to the airport for Troy:

Follow us all weekend here on the BGSU Athletics Blog as the football team heads to Alabama to play Troy Saturday night at 7 pm EST. We'll provide as much of a behind-the-scenes view of the trip as we can, posting some videos and our thoughts as the Athletics Communications team. We leave at 9:30 this morning and the plane is scheduled to land in Alabama around noon CST. Here's a few links to keep you busy in the meantime:

BGSU Game Notes
The Weekly BGSU Press Conference
Gameday Central
Results From Around The MAC (The league went 4-1 Thursday night)

On another note, for those BGSU fans unable to be in Alabama, you can watch the game live on your computer at


  1. Love the Blog- Nobody can access ESPN3 in BG or most other places. It ass for your ISP and Time Warner and the local ones aren't listed. It's Todd Walker for all of us.
    IF you see any ESPN people there, ask them What the Heck?
    Roll Along!

  2. For those who can't access ESPN3, Todd Walker will be happy to have you as listeners!